Account types (Webservices API)

Every request submitted to Trust Payments using the Webservices API must be assigned an accounttypedescription. We use the value of this field to determine the type of account required in order to process the request. Please refer to the table below for a summary of the account types that we support.



Account type Supported request types Description
CFT Cardholder Funds Transfer: CFT refunds (AKA “Payouts“) are used to credit funds onto the customer’s card without referencing a previous transaction.
CURRENCYRATE Currency rate: For retrieving the currency associated with the customer’s card, and calculating the amount in this currency.
ECOM E-commerce: For processing of payments through a website or online shop.
FRAUDCONTROL Fraud control: For processing requests to our Protect Plus system, for purposes of highlighting payments with suspicious characteristics.
MOTO Mail or Telephone Order: For processing payments from customers calling in on the phone, or posting their payment details to you.
RECUR Recurring: For processing recurring payments with same customer.


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