Supported requestTypes

When processing e-commerce payments using Apple Pay, you can configure your solution to include additional requests to perform extra tasks. These are as follows:


Authorisation (“AUTH”)

Processes a transaction. An AUTH request is processed by default if no additional/alternative request types are specified in your mark-up.


Account check (“ACCOUNTCHECK”)

Checks the cardholder’s first line of address, the cardholder’s postcode and the security code to ensure the details entered by the customer are valid.

Click here to learn more about AVS and security code checks


Subscription (“SUBSCRIPTION”)

Trust Payments will schedule payments to be automatically processed at regular intervals.

You will need to ensure your merchant ID is capable of processing recurring or continuous authority payments before getting started with subscriptions.

Click here to learn more about the subscription engine


Protect Plus (“RISKDEC”)

A sophisticated counter-fraud service that provides your site with an extra layer of security against fraudulent transactions. It makes use of the industry’s largest negative database to perform a comprehensive suite of fraud assessments, including identity checks against the UK electoral roll and BT databases.

Before you can get started, you will need to contact our Sales Team and enable Protect Plus on your account.



To make use of the additional requests outlined above, you will need to update the mark-up in your checkout to include the extra field requestTypes, as shown in the example below.

    buttonStyle: 'white-outline',
    buttonText: 'pay',
    merchantId: '',
    paymentRequest: {
      countryCode: 'US',
      currencyCode: 'USD',
      merchantCapabilities: ['supports3DS', 'supportsCredit', 'supportsDebit'],
      supportedNetworks: ["visa","masterCard"],
      requestTypes: ['AUTH', 'SUBSCRIPTION'],
      requiredBillingContactFields: ["postalAddress"],
      requiredShippingContactFields: ["postalAddress","name", "phone", "email"],
      total: {
        label: 'Trust Payments Merchant',
        amount: '10.00'
    placement: 'st-apple-pay'


The following is a list of supported request type combinations:




Because we do not store the customer’s payment credentials on our system for transactions processed with Apple Pay (we only store a reference to these credentials that are stored with Apple), we are unable to support the processing of tokenized payments at a later time. Alternatively, Apple Pay transactions do support the scheduling of Subscriptions using our Subscription Engine.