Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout is a digital wallet provided by Visa Inc. that allows customers to process payments in a fast and secure manner. Customers are authenticated by entering their username and password or alternatively they can use the fingerprint reader built into their device. This means that after initial setup, enrolled customers do not have to fill out their credit card number or invoicing address to complete a payment.


How it works

  • Visa Checkout will be displayed as an option to complete the payment on your checkout page.
  • The customer taps or clicks on the Visa Checkout button, and the Visa Checkout Payment Widget is displayed.


  • Authentication takes place:
    • If the user has not used Visa Checkout on the device previously, they will be prompted for a username and password.
    • When the user has successfully signed in, they can choose to be remembered on the device to bypass authentication for future purchases.
    • The user can opt in to biometric security to authenticate payments (e.g. fingerprint reader, facial-recognition).


  • Following authentication, the customer can review the order and update their address and payment details, if needed.
  • Once the customer agrees to the payment, on-screen confirmation will be displayed and they will be redirected to your success page.