Incremental authorisations (Payment Pages)


An incremental authorisation is used to increase the total amount to be paid by the customer, if it is not known at time of authorisation. It is an additional request submitted using MyST, which can be used to seek authorisation for additional funds, once the full amount is known. The total amount to be paid by the customer is the value from the original AUTH, in addition to amounts associated with the incremental authorisations.




You can only process incremental authorisations with Visa-branded cards.

Incremental authorisations are only supported by certain acquiring banks and MCC codes

Your account must be assigned one of the following Merchant Category Codes (MCC) to be eligible to use incremental authorisations:


3351-3999, 4111, 4112, 4121, 4131, 4411, 5812, 5813, 7011, 7033, 7394, 7512, 7513, 7519, 7996, 7999


Please contact our Support Team for further information.

A previously-authorised payment is required

Incremental authorisations require a parent pre-authorisation that meets the following criteria:

  • Parent AUTH MUST have accounttypedescription= “ECOM” or “MOTO”.
  • Parent AUTH MUST have authmethod = “PRE”.
  • Parent AUTH MUST have settlestatus = 0 (pending automatic settlement) or 1 (pending manual settlement).



Processing incremental authorisations

To process an incremental authorisation, you will need to sign in to MyST and perform a “Re-auth” on the original transaction, with the Auth method set to “INCREMENTAL”, using the drop-down provided.

Incremental authorisations must adhere to the following additional requirements:



Alternatively, incremental authorisations can be processed by submitting additional AUTH requests using our Webservices API.



Settlement and updates

Relationship with the parent transaction

The initial payment and associated child incremental authorisations are linked together on our system. Using MyST, you can view any incremental authorisations associated with a transaction by clicking the “Related transactions” tab displayed when viewing a transaction’s details.



Updating the parent transaction

Because of the connection shared between the initial payment and child incremental authorisations, the following behaviour is to be expected:

Updates can be performed using MyST or by submitting a request using our Webservices API.


Updating incremental authorisations

The only permitted updates for incremental authorisations are:

Updates can be performed using MyST or by submitting a request using our Webservices API.

Rules that are processed on incremental authorisations can only perform the updates listed above.


Security considerations

Incremental authorisations bypass any fraud, duplicate and Security Policy checks that can be run on regular payments. If such checks cause the parent AUTH to be suspended or cancelled, this will also suspend / cancel any child incremental authorisations.




To refund the order in full, the initial payment AND all child incremental authorisations must be refunded separately.

As with standard payments, you can only refund incremental authorisations when they have been settled (settlestatus = 100). If an incremental authorisation has not been settled, you can update the settlestatus to defer or cancel settlement.

Refunds can be performed using MyST or by submitting a request using our Webservices API.



Additional notes