Crypto Currency Indicator (API)


This page outlines the specification for the cryptocurrencyindicator field. This field acts as a flag to determine whether or not a transaction is for the purpose of purchasing crypto currency.

The cryptocurrencyindicator field described on this page is only supported by certain acquirers (and can only be processed with Visa transactions). For further information, please contact our Support Team.


Requirement: Your merchant category code must be 6051.

Your Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number assigned to you by your acquirer. It is used to classify the business by the type of products or services it provides. If you are unsure of the value of your merchant category code, please contact our Support Team.



Process overview

There are two methods that can be used to include the cryptocurrencyindicator field in requests submitted to the acquiring bank:


Using this method, the cryptocurrencyindicator field is automatically included in transactions processed on your account, with no additional configuration required. To configure your account to use this method, contact our Support team, requesting that your site is set up with your preferred default cryptocurrencyindicator field value (this is described in greater detail below).


Using this method allows you to specify different values on a request-by-request basis. To configure your account to use this method, update your requests using the specification provided below.



Submitting cryptocurrencyindicator in a request

You will need to update the payload submitted within your JWT to include an additional field, as shown below. Submitting the cryptocurrencyindicator in this way will always override any value stored on your account or inherited from a parent.



Field specification


Field name Type Length Request Description
cryptocurrencyindicator Numeric 1 Indicates if transaction is flagged as a purchase of crypto currency:

1 – Transaction is flagged as crypto currency purchase.
0 – Transaction is not flagged as crypto currency purchase.

Note: Your site can be configured to automatically submit this flag with value 0 or 1 in every transaction by default. (Please contact our Support Team to make this change).


Additional notes

Supported request types

The cryptocurrencyindicator field can be submitted in the following requests:

Click here for a full list of request types.


Inheriting from parent requests

If you do not submit the cryptocurrencyindicator field in a request, and a parent transaction reference is specified, it is inherited from said parent.