JCB (an initialism of the company’s former name, Japan Credit Bureau) is a credit card company based in Tokyo, Japan. It is Japan’s only international payment brand. JCB has been pursuing independent expansion since 1981 with the aim of making the brand internationally accepted across the globe.



Card name Payment type description
JCB (credit card) JCB


Supported customer countries For further information on supported countries, please contact your acquiring bank.
Supported currencies
For further information on supported currencies, please contact your acquiring bank.
Account checks Supported by select acquiring banks.
AVS / Security code checks Supported.
Fraud checks (opt-in) Supported.
Duplicate checks (opt-in) Supported.
Protect Plus Supported.
Subscriptions Recurring payments supported. Subscription engine not supported.
You must have a merchant number that supports processing recurring payments.
Refunds Full and partial refunds supported.
Card store Supported.
Payments may be subject to chargebacks.