User roles


The ability for MyST users to access certain pages, or to perform certain actions, is dependent on the role they have been assigned. You can view the role assigned to your MyST account by navigating to your profile from any MyST page, either by using the config menu in the top-right, or by clicking your profile picture in the top-left.


The following roles are available:


Two-factor View Update Reporting VT PT ST PayMe View Manage View Files Rules
Site admin
Site user
Site user 2
Transaction admin
Transaction admin 2
View only transactions
View only transactions 2   (?)
Virtual terminal user (?)
Virtual terminal user 2 (?)
Basic user
ST PayMe
Developer 2


The following user roles are unable to change their own password or enable two-factor authentication on their MyST user accounts:


  • View only transactions 2
  • Virtual terminal user
  • Virtual terminal user 2

The following user roles require two-factor authentication enabled to sign in:


  • Site admin
  • Developer
  • Developer 2



Automated user roles

For purposes of performing Web Services requests, we provide two additional MyST user roles:

Note: You cannot sign in to MyST using these roles.