Additional notes



If modifications are not visible on your Payment Pages, please consider the following:

Test site references are independent from live site references, and you will need to upload files to the live site reference once you have finished testing.



Pages hosted by third parties

Please note that it is not possible to modify the layout and/or appearance of pages hosted by third parties (e.g. PayPal or other APMs) using the methods described above.



Referencing custom files in your CSS or JavaScript

To reference files uploaded to the File manager from your CSS or JavaScript, use the relative path as follows:

<img src=”/merchantfiles/<first 3 numbers of site ref>/<site reference>/<filename>”/>


<img src=”/merchantfiles/018/testsite018/logo.gif” alt=”logo” />

We recommend that you only reference custom files stored in the MyST File manager and not an external source, otherwise the customer’s browser may show a warning that the page isn’t secure.



Overriding default profiles

The default Trust Payments HTML code is used on your Payment Pages in the following scenarios:


It is possible to override and use your own default HTML code. These files will be called instead of Trust Payments’s default HTML code in the scenarios outlined above.

You can upload any of the following files:

Filename Description
defaultchoice.html The payment choice page
defaultdetails.html The payment details page
defaultlocked.html Page shown when customer refreshes their browser before the initial request has been completed
default3dredirect.html The 3-D Secure redirect page
defaultresponse.html The response page


To summarise, if you submit stprofile = “birthday” in the request, for each page rendered:

Default HTML files will only be used if there are no other HTML files available when rendering a page.




Trust Payments actively ensures that the text shown in the default Payment Pages for DCC payments complies with rules specified by the relevant card schemes and third parties. For this reason, we strongly recommend against modifying any of the text shown relating to the currency conversion performed and the exchange rates provided, both on the payment details and receipt pages.