Additional notes



You should ensure you have thoroughly tested your system before processing live payments.

Click here for our testing resources, including international test card details that can be used to test your system for successful and declined DCC transactions.




We actively ensure that the text shown in the default Payment Pages for DCC payments complies with rules specified by the relevant card schemes and third parties. For this reason, we strongly recommend against modifying any of the text shown relating to the currency conversion performed and the exchange rates provided, both on the billing details and receipt pages.

If you customise your site’s Payment Pages, it is your responsibility to ensure your solution is still compliant with all rules specified by relevant card schemes and third parties.



Updating DCC authorisations

It is possible to perform transaction updates to DCC Authorisations by using MyST. However, it is NOT possible to change the currency of the payment after it has been authorised by the acquiring bank. When updating the settle amount, it is in the amount in the currency chosen by the customer to process the payment that will be changed.

Deferred settlement is NOT supported for DCC transactions.



Refunding DCC authorisations

You can refund DCC authorisations using MyST. We will perform a new CURRENCYRATE request in order to refund the customer in their chosen currency using an up-to-date conversion rate.




Trust Payments does not support the use of DCC payments with Subscriptions.