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Now you can process basic test payments through your checkout, you can enhance your site’s security and customise your solution by using the resources found below.

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PPG Payment type
Payment types

Here you can find the list of payment types we support.

Digital wallet
Digital wallets

Information on how to enable and configure digital wallets (such as Apple Pay) using our Payment Pages.

PPG Security

Here you will find a comprehensive collection of security tools to help protect you against fraudulent transactions.

PPG Customise

Learn how to customise the appearance and layout of your Payment Pages.

PPG Calendar

Process automated subscription payments through Payment Pages.


DCC is a feature that allows customers to complete the payment in their currency or your local currency.
The amounts are calculated using a third-party conversion rate provider with up-to-date conversion rates.

PPG Rules

You can create bespoke rules to automatically perform actions when certain conditions are met.

PPG Google
Google Analytics

Learn how to integrate your Payment Pages solution with your Google Analytics account.

PPG Enhanced Post
Enhanced Post

Enhanced post is a feature for advanced users that allows customisation of the request types processed in each POST to the Payment Pages.



Your progress

Once your site has been configured to best suit your business requirements, you can begin testing.