Cash to Code

PAYMENT Cash to Code
Cash to Code allows customers to complete online payments using cash at one of the thousands of retail locations across Europe. Customers select a deposit amount within the app and a barcode is generated that can be presented at their chosen point-of-sale, allowing them to pay in cash and instantly have their gaming account credited. This page outlines how to process payments using Cash to Code.



Supported customer countries No restrictions on customer countries.
Supported currencies
Protect Plus Supported.
Refunds Refunds not supported.
Chargebacks Payments are not subject to chargebacks.



Process overview

  1. On the payment choice page, the customer opts to pay with Cash to Code.
  2. The customer enters their details on the payment details page and is redirected to Cash to Code.
  3. The customer is prompted to select their preferred retail location. The customer’s browser now displays a code.
  4. The customer provides their unique code to the retailer they selected earlier, and completes the payment by paying with cash.
You cannot cancel a Cash to Code transaction once it has been authorised.




To enable this payment method on your account, please get in touch with your account manager.
A test sandbox account will be provided, which you will need when testing your implementation.
Modify your POST to Payment Pages as needed:


Field name Required by PPg Required in POST Description
Yes Yes An alias provided by you, to identify the customer. This field is alphanumeric. Max length 100.
billingcountryiso2a Yes No The country entered for the billing address, using ISO2A format.
billingfirstname Yes No The billing first name.
Yes Yes A unique identifier for the customer. Each customer must have their own unique id. This id must be re-used by returning customers. This field is alphanumeric. Max length 100.
billinglastname Yes No The billing last name.
ruleidentifier No No
If your POST to the Payment Pages already includes all fields required by the payment method, you can streamline the checkout process for the customer by also submitting ruleidentifier=STR-14.


This allows the customer’s browser to immediately go to the pages hosted by the payment method to complete the transaction. (We refer to this as Workflow C)





Updates on the status of Cash to Code payments are performed on an hourly basis. To keep you informed of developments, we recommend contacting our Support team and request that URL notifications for Cash to Code are enabled on your account. URL notifications are sent in the following scenarios:

You will be asked to provide a destination endpoint URL
(e.g. “”), along with a list of fields you would like to be included in the notification.


Configuring the authorisation notification

We recommend including at least the following fields in your authorisation notification:

*Please choose your preferred format.


Configuring the settlement notification

After the customer completes the payment by going to a retail outlet and paying in cash, Trust Payments will submit a URL notification to your system. We recommend including the following fields in URL notifications sent on settlement:


Check the notification

You will need to check the contents of each notification received and respond accordingly by following the processes outlined in the “URL notifications” section of our Action types page. In particular, you will need to look at the updated settlestatus value:


We strongly advise against providing goods or services to the customer until the settlestatus has been updated to “100”, indicating the customer has completed the payment.


The settlestatus will remain as value “10” (indicating settlement has yet to be completed) until the customer goes to a retail outlet and completes the payment with cash. If the customer never completes the payment, the settlestatus will remain as “10” indefinitely.




When testing your integration, your Trust Payments test Site Reference will be connected to the sandbox environment provided by Cash to Code. This will provide an accurate representation of the interface that will presented to the customer when you begin to process live payments.

In order to complete test payments, please email the codes presented during testing to [email protected]. Our Support team will process these payments and you will receive URL notifications within an hour of completion. (URL notifications need to be enabled on your account before they can be sent to your system during testing).