Duplicate checks

When enabled on your account, duplicate checks suspend transactions that are identical to previous transactions processed within the last 15 minutes. This is to automatically prevent assumed duplicate transactions (e.g. if the customer refreshes their browser and inadvertently sends two requests).

To enable duplicate checks on your account, please contact our Support team.



Managing transactions flagged as duplicates

When a transaction is suspended, its settle status is set to “2”, and the funds will not be settled into your bank account until you manually update the transaction using MyST. You can update the settle status to “1” using MyST, and this will instruct us to settle the pending transaction in the next settlement batch.


Emails informing of duplicates

When duplicates are flagged on your account, you will be informed using the email address you provided when you signed up with us. If you prefer, we can arrange these emails to be sent to a different address. Please contact our Support team for assistance.