Viewing results of checks


MyST is a password-protected online management area that allows you to manage your account and monitor transactions. If you’re new to MyST, we recommend reading our documentation¬†and familiarising yourself with the transaction search page and how to view transactions.



Transaction search page

The results of security checks can be viewed in MyST. On the “Transaction search” page, you can select the following fields to be displayed in the results table:



Field name Description
Security response Shows the results of AVS and security code checks.
Shield status code Shows the results of Protect Plus checks.
Fraud rating Shows the fraud rating.
Fraud reason Shows how the fraud rating was calculated.


You can select additional fields of interest for inclusion in the search output, and then click “Search” to search your site reference(s) when ready. The results will look like this:


You can click on a transaction reference to view further details for the transaction.


Reading the security response in MyST

On the search page, the security response has been condensed to three digits:

Click here to learn more about the different response codes.