Additional notes


End of month subscription payments

Subscription payments can be processed monthly from the date of the initial payment.

If the date of the initial payment is after the 28th of the month, all following subscription payments are scheduled for the 28th of each month.  This is to prevent issues for subscription payments on months that have fewer days than others.



Fraud checks

If enabled on your account, we will run fraud checks on every authorisation in a series of subscription payments processed on your account.

However, if the first AUTH is sent with a settlestatus value of 1, fraud checks will not be performed on the first AUTH or any of the payments in the subscription.

For further information on fraud checks, please contact our Support Team.



Declined authorisations

It is not possible to schedule recurring payments in the subscription engine, if the first authorisation request was declined by the issuer.



Subscription active field

The active field is used to show the status of a Subscription.


0 – Inactive

  • This status disables the automatic processing of a Subscription.
  • You can manually change Subscriptions to this status from any other status (except “3”).
  • You can re-enable “Inactive” Subscriptions at any time by updating them to status “1”.
  • Warning: If you re-enable an inactive Subscription, our Subscription Engine will “catch up” on any missed payments that would have been taken had the Subscription not been disabled.
1 – Active

  • This status enables the automatic processing of a Subscription.
  • You can manually change Subscriptions to this status from any other status (except “3”).
  • You can disable Subscriptions at any time by updating them to status “0” or “3”.
2 – Pending

  • After a Subscription is first scheduled, it will be in status “2” until the first payment has been settled. Following settlement, the status will automatically change to “1”, indicating an active Subscription (see above).

This is to prevent Subscription payments being processed if the initial transaction has not completed, and also to ensure fraud and duplicate checks are carried out (such checks are opt-in).


  • If you want to enable the Subscription, regardless of whether or not the initial payment was settled successfully, you can manually update this status to “1”.
  • Note: You cannot manually change Subscriptions to status “2”.
3 – Stopped

  • This status indicates a Subscription has been permanently stopped.
  • Subscriptions can be automatically updated to this status if SCHEMEUPDATE is enabled on your site reference(s). If the customer contacts their bank to cancel the Subscription, we will automatically update it to status “3”.
  • Alternatively, you can manually update the status to “3” to prevent any future Subscription payments from being processed.
  • It is not possible to resume the Subscription once it has been stopped (status “3”). To process further payments, you will need to schedule a new Subscription.




3-D Secure and subscription payments

The initial subscription payment can be processed using 3-D Secure, where the customer will be required to authenticate their transaction. All subsequent transactions will be processed without 3-D Secure authentication.



Accepted payment types

Only Visa, Mastercard and AMEX branded cards can be used for processing subscription payments (excluding Maestro).



Expiry dates

Please ensure that the expiry dates on your active subscriptions are valid and up-to-date as some issuers may decline cards with outdated card expiry dates. These can be updated by using MyST.