What is Apple Pay?

Before you can begin processing Apple Pay transactions, you will need to follow our Getting started documentation to install our Mobile SDK and initialise it within your Xcode project.

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Apple Pay is a wallet-based mobile payment service by Apple Inc. that lets users process payments using an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Customers benefit from a familiar and streamlined checkout experience, where their billing information can be pre-filled, ready for purchase. Customers are authenticated quickly by placing their finger on the built-in reader or through facial-recognition. Apple Pay uses tokens to ensure no sensitive payment information is stored with Apple, on the customer’s device or on your own servers.





How do I get started?

Ensure you meet requirements for Apple Pay

You will need to ensure your solution meets the additional requirements needed in order to process transactions using Apple Pay.

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Initialise the SDK in your app

To begin processing Apple Pay transactions, you will need initialise the SDK and pass through the JWT to process a payment.

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