Debt repayment


Visa and Mastercard have mandated that all merchants processing debt repayments submit the following fields in requests to Trust Payments. You will need to update the the payload submitted within your JWT to include these fields (only applies to AUTH and ACCOUNTCHECK request types).

This mandate only applies to merchants with certain acquiring banks. Please contact our Support Team for further information.


Requirement: Your merchant category code must be either 6012, 6051 or 7299.

Your Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number assigned to you by your acquirer. It is used to classify the business by the type of products or services it provides. If you are unsure of the value of your merchant category code, please contact our Support Team.

Once you have processed an AUTH or ACCOUNTCHECK containing these required fields, they can be inherited in future requests, and passed onto the acquiring bank automatically, if required.


Field specification

The required fields are as follows:


Field name Type Length Request Description
customeraccountnumber Numeric  20 If account number type is “ACCOUNT”, the account holder’s account number.If account number type is “CARD”, the account holder’s card number.

The returned value in the response is in a masked format, e.g. “411111#######1111”.

customeraccountnumbertype Alpha  7 Either “CARD” or “ACCOUNT”.
customerdob Date YYYY-MM-DD  10 The account holder’s date of birth.
customerpostcode Alphanumeric 25 The customer’s postcode or ZIP code.

If the country provided is not United States, Great Britain or Canada, or if no country is provided, the postcode field is not validated.

customerlastname Alphanumeric including
127 The customer’s last name.
debtrepayment Numeric 1 Indicates if transaction is flagged as debt repayment:

1 – Transaction is flagged as debt repayment.

0 – Transaction is not flagged as debt repayment.


Note: Your site can be configured to automatically submit this flag with value 0 or 1 in every transaction by default. (Please contact our Support Team to make this change).


Request example

The following payload example includes the fields mandated for merchants processing debt repayments: