Going live

After you have finished configuring your site and have tested thoroughly, follow the final steps below to begin processing live payments.



Before you continue…


Most acquiring banks mandate that 3-D Secure is performed prior to AUTH requests.
If 3-D Secure is not implemented, you could be liable for fines from the card schemes.
Ensure you have contacted your acquiring bank and have configured 3-D Secure, if required.


You must ensure your servers are PCI compliant before processing live payments.
For further information, we recommend contacting your acquiring bank.


It is crucial that you have read and understood the practices outlined in our best practices and testing documents.
You will need to ensure your system can submit requests using your test sitereference (starts with “test_”) and handle both successful and failure responses before processing live payments.


Rules for live site reference

When you are ready to switch your account live, you will need to consider any Rules that may have been configured on your test Site Reference, as these will need to be re-configured on your live site reference to ensure they update your system as expected. Click here for our Rule documentation.


Styling for Payment Pages

If you are processing payments using our Payment Pages interface and have applied custom styling to your test site reference using HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript, these changes will also need to be applied to your live site reference.


Get in touch

Once you have tested your system and you are ready to go live, please send an email to [email protected] with your live site reference and request to go live. You will receive a response when your live site reference is ready to begin processing payments.


Make changes to your requests

Your requests will need to be updated to use your live site reference. This is achieved by modifying the sitereference field submitted to Trust Payments. When your live site reference is submitted in a request, it will be processed as a live request.

If you have developed your solution using our JavaScript Library, you will need to ensure you update your payment form to submit the field “livestatus”, with value 1.


Click here to view an example of a form configured in this way


  <div id="st-notification-frame"></div>
  <form id="st-form" action="" method="POST">
    <div id="st-card-number" class="st-card-number"></div>
    <div id="st-expiration-date" class="st-expiration-date"></div>
    <div id="st-security-code" class="st-security-code"></div>
    <button type="submit" id="st-form__submit" class="st-form__submit">
      Pay securely
 <script src=<DOMAIN>/js/v2/st.js></script>
  (function() {
   var st = SecureTrading({  
    livestatus: 1

If you have developed your solution using our Android SDK, you will need to ensure isCardinalLive is set to “true” in the production environment.


Click here to view an example of this configuration


    context = applicationContext,
    gatewayType = TrustPaymentsGatewayType.EU,
    isCardinalLive = true,
    merchantUsername = usernameFromTrustpayments
    cardinalStyleManager = null

If you have developed your solution using our iOS SDK, you will need to ensure your instance is configured in the production environment, rather than staging.


Click here to view an example of this configuration


TrustPayments.instance.configure(username: username_from_trustpayments,
                                 gateway: .eu,
                                 environment: .production,
                                 translationsForOverride: nil


Live testing

Once you have switched to your live site reference, we recommend that you test this by performing a transaction using a live card, to ensure it is processed successfully. You can sign in to MyST to manage your transactions. Therefore you can cancel transactions processed on live cards.

You should not use the same live card too many times, as the requests may still be authorised, and could cause the issuer to suspect fraud or the cardholder could exceed their limit.


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You’re all set!

Remember to sign in to MyST and to check your transactions regularly to ensure payments are being processed successfully.
If you need assistance, please contact our Support team.