Apple Pay


This is a legacy document for those integrated using version 1 of our JavaScript Library
Click here to read the Apple Pay documentation for the latest version of our JavaScript Library



Apple Pay is a wallet-based mobile payment service by Apple Inc. that lets users process payments using an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Customers benefit from a familiar and streamlined checkout experience, where their billing information can be pre-filled, ready for purchase. Customers are authenticated quickly by placing their finger on the built-in reader or through facial-recognition. Apple Pay uses tokens to ensure no sensitive payment information is stored with Apple, on the customer’s device or on your own servers.

How it works



  • If supported by the customer’s device, Apple Pay will be displayed as an option to complete the payment.
  • The customer taps the Apple Pay button:
    – If the customer has previously set up Apple Pay, the payment sheet will slide into view, displaying the order details.
    – Otherwise, they will be prompted to set up their Apple Pay account prior to continuing with the payment process.
  • The customer can review the order and update their address and payment details, if needed.
  • The customer places their finger on the built-in reader or enables facial-recognition on their device in order to verify their identity and confirm the payment.
  • If successful, on-screen confirmation will be displayed and the customer will be redirected to your success page.