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This is a legacy document for those integrated using version 1 of our JavaScript Library
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Apple requires that your domain is validated before payments can be processed. This can be completed by signing in to the Apple developer portal and following the instructions below.
From the navigation, click “Merchant IDs”.


Click the Apple Pay Merchant ID you provided to Support earlier, and then click “Edit”.



Beneath the header “Apple Pay on the Web” and within a frame titled “Merchant Domains”, click the “Add Domain” button to begin the validation process.


You will be prompted for your domain name e.g. “”. Once you have entered this, click “Continue”.


The next page is titled “Verify”. Click “Download” to download the validation file for the domain that is to be validated.




  • Each time you click “Download”, Apple generates a new validation file. (The same file cannot be downloaded multiple times)
  • Once a validation file has been generated, you will have 24 hours to verify the domain, otherwise you will need to generate an entirely new validation file by clicking “Download” again.
  • Once validated, the validation file will expire the same time as the SSL certificate on the domain.
Upload this validation file to your webserver, using the path displayed within the developer portal (under “We’ll look for your file at the following location”).



  • You must use the exact path provided by Apple.
  • Ensure the file and parent directory are given read and execute permissions. (For Unix, this is typically done by using the command “chmod 755 <filename or folder>”).
Once the validation file is hosted and can be accessed externally, you can click the “Verify” button on the developer portal, to allow Apple to connect to your webserver and validate the domain.

Having problems validating your domain?


If you receive the following error message when validating the domain while on Apple’s Developer Portal:


Verification failed for domain
Unable to establish a secure connection to ‘’
Domain certificate is untrusted.


Apple requires that the server receives a high security rating in order to successfully validate a domain.
(For example, if using SSL Labs to check your certificate, an A grade would be required as a minimum:

Status good
Now you have set up the certificates and have had your domain validated by Apple, you can update your checkout to process Apple Pay transactions.

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