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Now you can process basic test payments through your checkout, you can enhance your site’s security and customise your solution by using the resources found below.


PPG Customise

Learn how to customise the appearance and layout of your checkout.

Account checks

It is possible to perform checks on the cardholder’s first line of address, the cardholder’s postcode and the security code, without reserving funds on the customer’s account. This can be achieved by submitting an ACCOUNTCHECK request, by following these instructions.


You can use our JavaScript Library to allow returning customers to process payments on your checkout without the need to re-enter all of their card details. Not only does this lead to faster and easier payments for your customers, your business also benefits from not needing to store sensitive card numbers (this can simplify your PCI accreditation process).

Magnifying glass
Fraud checks

When enabled on your account, our fraud check service suspends transactions that have attributes that we consider to be suspicious, prior to settlement being performed. This allows you to manually inspect and manage suspicious transactions processed on your account. These checks are performed at pre-defined times throughout the day.

Duplicate checks

When enabled on your account, duplicate checks suspend transactions that are identical to previous transactions processed within the last 15 minutes (by default). This is to automatically prevent assumed duplicate transactions (e.g. If the customer refreshes their browser and inadvertently submits two requests).

Digital wallet
Digital wallets

Information on how to enable and configure digital wallets (such as Apple Pay) using our API.

PPG Calendar

This topic explains how to schedule automated recurring payments using our subscription engine.

Protect Plus
Protect Plus

Protect Plus is a sophisticated counter-fraud service that provides your site with an extra layer of security against fraudulent transactions. It makes use of the industry’s largest negative database to perform a comprehensive suite of fraud assessments, including identity checks against the UK electoral roll and BT databases.

Card payment methods

Click here to learn more about card payment methods supported by Trust Payments.



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