Test your solution


Before you start processing live payments, you will need to test your implementation. It is critically important to ensure your system behaves as expected under a range of different possible scenarios. Failure to detect problems in your integration ahead of public release could lead to payments being abandoned on your website!

To help, we provide you with a test site reference that allows you to process test transactions in our sandbox environment. We simulate a bank interface, which listens for incoming requests from your test site, and responds in the way a real bank would.



What should I test?

What you will need to test depends entirely on the nature of your integration, but here are some ideas to help you get started.


From the customer’s perspective:


From the back-office perspective:



Ready to start testing?

Click here to open a list of test payment credentials in a new tab.

Our “fake” bank will simulate different responses depending on the values you submit.

And for when you have finished testing…

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