Webservices API

Submit JSON requests to our secure servers to process transactions and perform updates, allowing you to build Trust Payments into your e-payment solution.




MyST Getting started
Getting started

To streamline the process of getting your payment solution up-and-running, we provide libraries for programming languages such as Python and PHP. These libraries consist of functions that can greatly simplify the process of integrating with us. We recommend that you follow the instructions provided here and download and install your preferred library on your server.


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Tips you may find useful when configuring your Webservices API solution.


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To process a payment manually using our Webservices API, you will need to submit an AUTH request by following these instructions.


Submit AUTH request
Submit AUTH request using own MPI

Account Checks

An Account Check request allows a card to be validated by checking the cardholder’s first line of address, the cardholder’s postcode and the security code, to ensure the details entered by the customer are valid. A unique transactionreference is returned in the response, which can be used to reference the customer’s payment credentials when making future purchases, without the need to store them on your own system. Read the below to learn more:


What are Account Checks?
Using Account Check to verify customer’s details
Storing payment credentials for tokenization

Transaction query
Transaction queries

If you would like to retrieve information on requests and transactions you have previously submitted, submit a TRANSACTIONQUERY request by following these instructions.


Transaction queries
Querying subscriptions

Transaction update
Transaction updates

After processing requests and transactions, you can update some of the details at a later time by submitting a TRANSACTIONUPDATE request by following these instructions.


Transaction updates
Updating subscriptions
Updating DCC payments

Refund new

This page will explain the process of refunding the customer. You will need to submit a REFUND request by following these instructions.


Refunding card payments
Refunding DCC payments

Refund new

Payouts are used to transfer funds directly to the customer. They are also known as Credit Fund Transfers (CFT) or Original Credit Transfers (OCT). You can submit a Payout request by following these instructions.


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PPG Calendar
Recurring payments

These pages explain how to process recurring payments.


Processing recurring payments
Scheme update


DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) is a feature that allows customers to complete the payment in their currency or your local currency. The amounts are calculated using a third-party conversion rate provider with up-to-date conversion rates.


What is Direct Currency Conversion (DCC)?
Processing payments
How do I test DCC payments?
Can I update DCC payments?
How do I refund DCC payments?
How do I use my own DCC provider?
List of supported currencies

Visa Token Service (VTS)

Visa Token Service (VTS) is a security feature provided by Visa. It replaces the customer’s card number stored on our system with a unique identifier called a token. When the customer returns to your site to make new purchases, the token is used in place of their sensitive payment credentials, reducing the risk of their data being compromised.


How to enable
Process re-authorisation

Protect Plus
Protect Plus

Protect Plus is a sophisticated counter-fraud service that provides your site with an extra layer of security against fraudulent transactions. It makes use of the industry’s largest negative database to perform a comprehensive suite of fraud assessments, including identity checks against the UK electoral roll and BT databases.


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APM new
Alternative Payment Methods (APM)

Here we explain how to configure your system to process transactions using different payment types.


Alipay In-App Payments
Cash to Code
SEPA Direct Debit
UnionPay SecurePay
WeChat Pay

Apple Pay Pink
Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a wallet-based mobile payment service by Apple Inc. that lets users process payments using an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Our documents explain how to submit an AUTH request using our Webservices API, in order to process an Apple Pay transaction.


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