FAQs and Troubleshooting


Here we describe a number of common problems and solutions.




I cannot connect to TRU Link

Make sure that TRU Link is available by browsing to The following should be displayed in your browser:

HTTP GET Not Supported – Content-Type application/json POST only

If you do not see this then TRU Link is either unavailable (contact TrustPayments support) or your internet connection is down (contact your ISP).


I get an ‘Invalid token’ error

The token in your HTTP header is calculated incorrectly. Please refer to the section above on how to build your token.


I get an ‘Invalid siteid’ error

The siteid you are sending in your POST Body is incorrect. Please use the siteid provided by Trust Payments.


I get an “Error pairing Terminal”

Make sure the Terminal you are using has been registered by Trust Payments using the Terminal Serial Number.


I get an “Invalid topuptoken”

Make sure the topuptoken used is one that was received in a previous PreAuth.


I get a ‘Terminal is Offline’ error

Make sure that the Terminal is switched on, online and in integrated mode. To turn on integrated mode, choose ‘Pair with POS’ in the Administration menu.



Error Handling

If an error has occurred during processing the response will be as follows:

"error": "<errortext>", "errorcode": <errorcode>


For example:

{"error":"Transaction Error:Terminal is offline.","errorcode":2000}


The following lists the error texts and associated codes:





In the case of error 2000 additional error information will be provided in the text.