Replacing the battery


The following instructions apply to the Vega 3000M terminal.


  1. Remove the rear cover from the Vega 3000M device
    (unclip the cover behind the printer.
    Tip: using a ballpoint pen will save finger-nails)



  1. The main battery is the blue item, pull the arrowed tab to remove the battery from its storage, then pull the battery connector out of its socket (you can pull on the wires to do this)


  1. Insert the replacement battery:
    1. Push the battery connector into the socket. (The connector is keyed and can only go in one way, red cables to the right)
    2. Make sure it is inserted all the way (press with finger nails)
    3. Insert the battery into its storage position



  1. Refit the rear cover (two tabs need to be inserted at the bottom first, then firmly press the cover in place, the top clips should both ’click‘)



  1. Power up the terminal by holding the power button, in the bottom left, for 2 seconds


When the terminal is ready, check the power level indicator in the status bar at the top of the display. Charge the device if necessary (it needs to be charged to 40% minimum in order to take transactions and print receipts)


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