Steps to set up your terminal


Please follow the steps below to set up your payment device:



1. Install receipt roll

Installing the receipt roll in the terminal is a simple process. Firstly, open the terminal’s receipt compartment by carefully lifting the release catch.

Once open, place the receipt roll provided into the open compartment with the receipt paper extending from underneath the roll leaving at least 1cm exposed and close the cover.

The receipt roll is then loaded and ready for printing. Paper roll dimensions:

Paper roll ordering: Click here



2. Charging your device

Before starting up the A920, the battery should be fully charged.

Charge the device by plugging the USB end of the cable into a power supply and then plug the Mini USB end into the port on the left side of the terminal or charging base if you have ordered a device with a charging base.

Charge the battery until fully charged.



3. Powering your device on/off

You can turn on your A920 by pressing and holding the small rectangle button on the right side of the terminal for 2 seconds and then release.

To turn off the device hold down the same button until you are presented with the four options:

Select ‘Power off’, then select again. The device will then shut down.



4. Wi-Fi setup and account activation

Once your device is fully charged and powered on you will be displayed with the below activation screen. Select the icon on the top left of the screen and follow the simple steps below to setup your Wi-Fi connection.


You will need to set up your Wi-Fi connection before entering the activation code for your terminal to be connected.












5. GPRS setup

If you have chosen a 4G model of the A920 your SIM card will already be installed in the device when you receive it. The device should automatically connect to the mobile network once turned on.

We recommend using WIFI whenever possible to conserve your 4G data.


You would need to enter your activation code sent to the your registered email address by the Trust Payments team. Once entered correctly you will be taken to the payments screen.


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